So, you finally decided that you want your first blog and now you have no idea where to start from? Lucky, here is short explanation which steps to make to make your blog visible to the world.

All bloggers like easy way. So in this case easy way means WordPress platform. WordPress is final product, but before it’s up and running we need to walk through 7 easy steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Niche

You have to decide what is your blog about. There are so many niches covered with plenty of blogs, but trust me, one more new is always welcome. Choose your domain name carefully. My advice is to check on Google many free tools to pick right domain name related with your niche. That will help you to rank better on search engines.

Step 2: Setup Your Hosting Account

Let’s face it. There are billions of hosting providers but you will always see just few of them, like BlueHost, HostGator, SiteGround etc. Why? Because they give commission if someone recommend them as i am doing now. But for you as user, let’s be honest – $3.95/month for hosting is really affordable price, with one click install WordPress and 24/7 support. If you are newbie, you have all what you need to start blogging.

Step 3: Select Which Hosting Plan You Want

With Bluehost, there are three hosting options to choose from, Basic for $3.95/month, or Plus or Prime for $5.95/month — these prices are only available through my link, If you have the funds, I’d suggest going with the Plus Plan, because you get more unlimited features; and as your website grows you can switch to bigger plan.

Step 4: Choose Your Domain Name

As mention before, choose your domain name carefully. If you want high SEO rank rule is simple. Your domain name should be related with your main keyword.
I suggest you to pick .com domain if it’s possible. Also, use online tools for domain name generator to save your time.
When you find your domain name, you’ll need to create your Bluehost account which includes name, address, phone number, and email address.

Step 5: Pay for Your Hosting Package

After you have your account created, you’ll be directed to a page where you need to select your hosting package. You can choose to pay for your hosting in a 12 month period, 24 month period, or a 36 month period — the longer the plan, the cheaper your price. Next, add your payment info and wait for an email confirmation of registration – this only takes a minute or two.

Step 6: Install WordPress

When you get your account login info you are one step before live. Login and choose option for one click WordPress install. It is really simple. Just click to install, and that’s it. If you are not sure or still doubt how to do it, contact customer support and they will do it for you.

Step 7: Make it Pretty

When you install WordPress it is time to choose theme. Here we can’t help :=) It’s your niche, your web and your taste. But again, it is very simple, one click install.

Also, if you not prefer BlueHost we really recommend SiteGround as second option. Our affiliate link for SiteGround will lead you to their page where you can compare offer.

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