Meta Tags are one of the most basic elements of SEO. It’s a must-know for every SEO practitioner. Are the meta tags factor in the Google page ranking? Is it important? What effect does SEO have on your site?

Meta tags have been since … because I can remember. They were a big part of the search engine history. They were valued as a factor in the rankings before people began to misuse their use in getting on top of the SERP. After that, Google chose meta tags from the rank factor. But that does not mean they are no longer important. Meta tags still play a pretty big role in the SEO web site.

Meta tags are words that are hidden in the code. People viewing your site will not be able to see them. As Danny Sullivan says, this is the “legal” way of hiding words on your search engine websites. Search engines are still reading them to have a simple, concise idea of ​​what your site is and what exactly your keywords are.

Meta tags are located inside your header area of ​​html.

<head> Meta tags are located here </ head>

There are three important parts of the Meta tags you can use:

1. Title – The title tag is the title text that appears in the search list. I know this is not necessarily a meta tag but similarly works as one.

<title> Title text here </ title>

2. Description – the target metadata tag is where you want to summarize your site. This is where you put what your site is and what you offer to people. It should not be too long because search engines only read up to a certain number of words.

<meta name = “description” content = “This is where you put your site’s summary” />

3. Keywords – Keyword meta tag is the place where you put all the keywords you use on your site. It’s basically where you want the words that will take you to the top of the SERPs page to be. Your keywords are important – even if you remove all other words, the user should be able to know what your website is about reading your keywords.

<meta name = “keywords” content = “SEO, hacker, Google, search, etc.” />

These three things make your meta tags.

The importance of a meta tag is that they are read by the search engines to compare them if these keywords and description are associated with visible content. Are your keywords present on your website? Is your meta description associated with your content and your site? There is a certain amount of weight and your meta tags that search engines see, and that is the reason you would not want to do anything to bring your site a bit higher in the SERPs? That’s why the meta tags are important.

Tips for Keeping: Even if meta tags do not hold much water when it comes to ranking pages, their significance is still present as a search engine robot to legalize its relativity to its content and niche pages.

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