Even big corporations are not immune to challenging websites. As CNBC reports, during cyber Monday, 2015, Target’s Web site has fallen, resulting in not only loss of sales but also a negative sense of spread through social media.

In 2018 sales in the world will reach more than $ 28 trillion, so it’s important that your company has a strong web strategy. It all starts with a website that works properly, which requires a stable web host that guarantees very little downtime and a pleasant user experience. Whether you are launching a completely new location or instilling an existing one, there are five functions that you need to keep in mind when searching for a web host for your small business.

1. Backup.
You can not have security without stable security solutions. If your site is attacking, make sure that all web site contents are backed up and easily accessible for quick restore and restart.

Try one-click backup outside the website as it allows your data to be immediately returned to the network. It should also refer to the backup of the data you have entered, as well as to copying the backup of your web host’s data in case something happens to its server.

2. Security.
Security should be at the top of your mind when searching the web host, because cyberattacks and threats to malicious software can cause your site to fall or the risk of private information about clients.
When choosing a web host, it is required by one who uses encryption technology between the user and the server, or between the web host server and your business server. To ensure that communications are encrypted and protected from hackers searching for data.

3. Analytics.
When looking for a web host, learn more about the built-in analysis it offers. Analytics can attract marketing and content strategies. They should also be updated in real time and easily accessible.

You will also want to work with a web host that facilitates the integration of changes to the website. Look for one that offers simple and simple login options for updating content and accessing features like email.

4. Customer support.
The web never sleeps, and your support team is not a web host. An hour’s support is important, especially for companies with websites from around the world. Select a company with qualified service agencies to answer all your questions at any time in the language you are talking about.

Pro Tip: Ask about typical waiting times when you call support on your phone and chat and email support options.

5. Scalability
If you hope that your website will lead to more jobs, you will want a web host that can work with you, but does not fall as you grow. Ask a potential web host what is their guarantee for an uninterrupted working time. The closer is the 99.9 percent extension, the better.

Also, beware of shared hosting, which means your site will be on a server with many other websites. This can negatively affect your website if it has somehow disrupted another website on a shared computer. It can also affect the speed of your website, which affects the user’s satisfaction. If you go with a shared computer, make sure the host is able to work with you. Also, evaluate possible increases in costs based on growth.

Setting up web pages on the web can be easy, but it will only work if your web host provides the connection your small company deserves. Meet your host and how they can use your business before concluding a partnership.

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